Press Release: Jack Gillum launches report on Civil Society Role in Policy Engagement

Jack Gillum today launched his Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship report in to the role of civil society in the policy engagement process, with a specific focus on the role of young people in this policy process. The report explores ideas around why civil society and government engage, the best methods for organisations to engage and starts to explore some of the challenges which these organisations face.

While there was a range of recommendations which could of been presented to UK based organisations, Jack took a decision to publish only five in his report which are:

  • For a ‘knowledge hub’ to be created to support, share and publish, all organisation size, research for it to gain further traction.
  • For enhancements to be made of CSO using innovative technology (such as VR) to promote their agenda and to gain wider interest in the topic.
  • For the UK Government to consider and investigate ways of increasing the level of citizen and youth voices in its work with International Organisations. (e.g. through full commitment to the Youth Delegate Programme)
  • For the Government to investigate ways that Civil Servants can be utilised to support youth understanding and engagement in the policy process.
  • For institutions to provide information about their working practices in an open environment so that organisations are of the best ways to engage with those bodies.

Jack said “It was a great honor and privilege to have been awarded a Travelling Fellowship last year and now I am proud to be able to publish this report. This report provides a call to Civil Society Organisations, citizens and Government to work together to make sure that we have the best engaged population to create the best policy. I would like to once again, thank all of those organisations which allowed me to visit them during my travels and those who have supported me during my report write up.”

The report is available to be read here or on the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust website.


Notes to Editor:

  • Contact Jack Gillum at
  • The Report is available at
    • Jack Gillum’s website:
    • Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Website:
  • Jack traveled to the USA and Canada in June and July 2017, visiting Washington DC, New York City, Toronto and Ottawa.

About Jack Gillum:

Jack is currently in his third and final year at the University of Reading where he is studying Politics and International Relations. Jack is a trustee of the Campaign for the Children and Young People’s Assembly for Wales, a trustee of the Smart School Council Community and a trustee of Knighton Show and Carnival. Last year, Jack was selected as one of the Welsh representatives for the British Council Future Leaders Connect Programme. Furthermore, Jack has is a former Knighton Town Councillor, former member of the BYC and House of Parliament Youth Select Committee and a member of Powys Youth Forum.

Find out more about Jack:

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